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Wreck of the Felipe Xicotencatl C-53 | 1st Penetration

This is the first of two wreck penetrations.  The video features a brief stay in the engine room about a 1:45 into the video.  Look for a tear in the ships hull where the wreck split in half during the last hurricane.  The diver with the blue fins I am following is Richie Hatherell who we met on the dive boat.

The Wreck of the Felipe Xicotencatl C-53 was originally a US ship built by Wilson Marine Shipwreck in Tampa Florida.  The ship was later laid to rest in 1999 after being decommissioned and donated to Cozumel's Marine Parks organization.

  • 56.3 meters / 154 feet long
  • 10.10 meters / 33 feet wide
  • 12 meters / 40 feet tall

Wreck of the Felipe Xicotencatl C-53 | 2nd Penetration

This is the second penetration.  The dive features the ships head in the beginning of the video.
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