Giant Black Sea Bass Horn Shark

David Fricks

Southern California Scuba Diving

2007_0805 Point Dume Malibu -- Sunken Tool Box
Tool Box Brooke and I found buried in the sand

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Brooke and I were swimming along on our way to the canyon off point dume when I saw the corner of the box poking out of the sand. With a bit of effort, I managed to work the box out of the sand. Once we got it uncovered Brooke took the pin that was holding the box closed off and we opened the lid. A puff of black sand mixed with silt billowed out of the box. When the cloud was washed away by the strong current we could see the corroded craftsman tools. We didn't have a lift bag or a spool so we couldn't do anything to salvage the box or mark its location. After taking a quick picture we closed the lid and left the box for the next group of divers to find.
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